Taibolo - Professional Diabolo Products

"Taibolo" is the English company name of Gong Qun - a diabolo manufacturing company based in Taiwan.
They have been making diabolos and related products for the local market mainly until 2007.

Taibolo recently started to cooperate with William Lin - a well known and top diabolist from Taiwan. After a long developing period several diabolos hit the market - all of them with professional diabolo players needs in mind - relative low weight - suitable for multiple diabolo play, long spinning times, a wide axel which is useful when doing string tricks and excellent stability.

there are 3 diferrent diabolo products:

  • Super diablo is the classic diabolo - the improved version 2 came out recently.
  • Glary diabolo is a beautiful see through diabolo that comes in various colors
  • Led-diabolo is probably the best led diabolo currently in the market - with its unique design it is exteremly easy to mount the led casing on the diabolo.
In addition to the diabolos taibolo manufacture high quality diabolo related products - carbon sticks, strings and bags.

You will be able to find information about all taibolo products and where you can get them here on taibolo.com